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Should I Ceramic Coat My New Car?

So, you bought a new car, and everything on and in it looks super shiny. Your car's paint is glossy, and you would want it to remain that way for a long time.


The color of your vehicle fades as time passes.


You clean your car diligently every day to keep the shine intact, but the irony is the supplies you're using to keep your car shiny can destroy it. So, you must be thinking about what to do now - Should I ceramic coat my new car? You want your automobile to appear its best at the end of the day. You wouldn't want your wife to be spotted in the passenger seat of an unattractive car, would you?

Apply a ceramic coating to the surface.

A ceramic coating is ideal for your automobile since it offers both light protection and a lasting candy-gloss luster.

A ceramic coating, on the other hand, should never be DIYed since it needs a reasonably knowledgeable specialist to apply effectively. A ceramic spray, on the other hand, provides the benefits of a ceramic coating while being easy to apply at home, making it excellent for many owners on a budget.

If you would like to know more about what the ceramic coating application process looks like in case you want to DIY it, read this article here.

And if you want to DIY Ceramic Coat your car but would like to go for the more handy solution using a Ceramic Coating Spray, you can check this one to see the top 10 ceramic spray coatings that we have picked out for you!

For those that would like to ceramic coat their cars by a professional, we suggest typing "ceramic coating near me" into Google and checking their local area for a certified shop with a good reputation.

white ceramic coated car

Can you let your car's color fade out? No! One of the best solutions to this problem is using ceramic coatings.

It's Not Just About The Shine. It's About Protection.

Ceramics coatings protect your car from external damage, apart from saving your car's color. Your car experiences a harsh environment every day, and therefore damage is inevitable.

Ceramic coating penetrates deep into the pores of the clear coat and bonds physically to the paint. It forms a thin hydrophobic layer on the top, which is durable and sturdy, and shiny in appearance.

black ceramic coated sports car

Ceramic particles offer protection from UV rays, etching from bird droppings, chemical erosion, acid rain, and more.

All those things, along with dust accumulated while driving, would dull out the paint and introduce numerous swirl marks and micro scratches that would eventually make the car look old and tired.

Besides the above-mentioned protective properties, the ceramic coating has hydrophobic properties too. This hydrophobic property doesn't let water sit on your car and also prevents dust, dirt, grime, and road salt from settling on it.

There's no reason why you shouldn't get your car ceramic coated.

There are lots of benefits of ceramic coating. But you cannot expect a top coat to protect your car from major scratches and chips. Ceramic coatings are not very protective against the grit of daily traffic. Also, it cannot prevent mechanical erosion.

black ceramic coated audi r8

So the answer to the question 'Should I ceramic coat my car?' depends upon you and your priorities. If you want your car to look in top condition, then it's best to have it ceramic coated.

If you still haven't made up your mind about this subject, you can get additional information about whether the ceramic coating is for you, to help you make the decision that best suits you!




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