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What Is The Average Cost Of Ceramic Coating?

Who else doesn't want a car that looks great for a long time? However, maintaining your car is a tedious task. But if you opt for a ceramic coating on your car, keeping your car looking fresh will be much easier.


A ceramic coating is a solution that protects the exterior of your car from external paint damage. This solution can bond with your car's paint and give it an extra layer of hydrophobic protection.


Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Now you're ready to protect your vehicle with the ceramic coating, but you may be wondering about the average cost of ceramic coating.

Stop worrying anymore because here is the answer.

red ceramic coated sports car

Several factors influence the price of ceramic coating. These factors are as follows:

The condition of the paintwork:

When applying a ceramic coating, a protective layer is added over the current paint, putting the paint in perfect condition. So if you have recently painted your car or if your car is brand new, the process will be easier. Therefore, you will benefit from comparatively lower labor rates.


The size of your car:

Obviously, the size of your car matters a lot. The bigger your vehicle is, the higher the charges will be.

black ceramic coated cadillac

Depending on the size of the car, one bottle ( typically 50ml ) will not be enough to cover the whole vehicle. You will expend a significantly larger amount of other material in the preparation process.

And, there is time. To some time is the most expensive currency and that is usually the one factor that can be a deal-breaker depending on the size of the vehicle.


The type of ceramic coating you choose:

There are two different types of ceramic coatings available in the market: commercial-grade and professional-grade ceramic coating.

Depending on these factors, the average cost of a ceramic coating can be anywhere between $15 and $3,000.

That may seem like quite the range but it really isn't that simple.

If you would like to learn more about why that pricing can vary so greatly we suggest you read this article, where we explain what determines the price of ceramic coating in detail.

But we still need to give at least a short explanation. The reason is that the commercial-grade Ceramic Coatings that anyone can buy cure differently than most professional-grade coatings.

Namely, most professional-grade coatings require special UV lamps that activate the coating and enable it to cure properly. Those coatings tend to be thicker and harder than commercial ones. That is the main reason that makes them very expensive.

If you would like to get your car ceramic coated by a professional, then we suggest typing"ceramic coating near me" into Google and checking your local area for a certified shop with a good reputation.

navi blue ceramic coated car

Now the other reason that determines the pricepoint is the equipment needed to coat a car properly.

But, for a shorter explanation, the main equipment is the UV lamps ( if we are talking about the professional-grade coatings ), and they are huge and expensive. And in some cases, you would need several to speed up the process.

The other equipment you would need is all the microfiber towels, great quality cleaning equipment to prepare the car for the coating, degreasers, a dual-action polishing machine, or an orbital buffer ( depending on your preference, because they do the same job in a slightly different way ), all the polishing and compounding liquids that are used to detail the car to a gloss finish. All the attachments that are used in the polishing process cost a lot of money.

You could say, "Well, I will just get a pack of microfiber applicators off Amazon and I'll do it by hand!". Well if you have tried polishing a car by hand only once, you would never say something like that because you'd know that even on a small-sized vehicle it would take several hours and your hand would fall off.

grey ceramic coated mercedes in the rain

To be honest, if you did the polishing process by hand, it would most likely be a two-day job, at least. Not everyone can afford to work 24/7.

And the most expensive thing that you need is - shelter. A garage or anything of that sort would ensure the car is not affected by the elements. The sun, rain, heck, even a slight breeze could ruin a Ceramic Coating job. And you need a steady supply of water.

Again, some people suggest that you could take your car to a friend's house, or one of those automatic car washes. But... This whole process, even with all the tools and even when you know what you are doing, will take you several hours. If the paintwork prior to the coating is in bad condition, you are looking for days. Preparation is key, and every detail is important. Every detailer knows that. It is not called car detailing for no reason.

If you want to go for the cheaper solution, you can buy one of the do-it-yourself ceramic coating kits. Before using these kits, however, keep in mind that they will not be as effective as a professional coating. Not only that, but you will likely never be able to do a job as a professional would.

Since with those you'd be the one doing all the work the cost is less, of course. You can get great quality DIY ceramic coatings for around 75$ up to 100$. There are even more expensive ones than that, of course.

If you want to learn which do-it-yourself ceramic coatings we suggest, you can read this article here.

Just keep in mind that if you opt to do it yourself, you will also need all the tools and conditions we've mentioned above.

Even though we do recommend DIY ceramic coating products and we encourage our readers to use them - you simply will need some practical experience before you can do a perfect job as will all things in life, we suppose!

freshly ceramic coated red audi quattro

So, stop wasting your money and time and leave your car to the ceramic coat experts. You can blindly trust us for exceptional results because we are professionals and exceed your expectations.




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