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Ceramic Coating near me: But which one to choose?

If you've ever typed "ceramic coating near me" into the Google search box, you've been given a map of the place you live in and ceramic coating shops pinned around you with those recognizable red pins from Google Maps.

You've also been given three options that are close to you and their respective reputation and contact.

Now comes the hard part - who do you choose? And, more importantly, how do you make that decision?


Ceramic coatings have become increasingly popular in the car detailing industry. This is further proven by the absurd increase in the value of the whole ceramic coating industry.

These coatings promise protection from the elements for multiple years, mirror-like gloss finishes, and the ability to repel dirt.


While ceramic coatings may seem like the perfect product, it is essential to consider whether or not it lives up to the claims, if it is a good value, and what factors to consider before investing.


What Kinds of Ceramic Coatings Are Available Near Me?

Ceramic coatings, which are made of a chemical polymer solution, make an almost inseparable link with the paint on your vehicle. Traditional waxes and sealants will wear off over time, but ceramic is designed to be a semi-permanent finish, with several manufacturers boasting multi-year protection with just one application.

Your budget will determine how long the coating lasts and how effectively it is done. What you pay for is what you get. Ideally, of course.

You have to be careful how you make the decision on which option near you you'll end up choosing.

What to Look For When Choosing a Ceramic Coating Option in Your Area?

With multiple ceramic coating service options available, it can sometimes be intimidating, or even tiresome to choose the correct one. Cause there could be multiple 'correct' options, and frankly, there could be zero good options available. And the fact remains that if you're investing your money, you want to invest it the best you can.

Customer Feedback Provides Credibility

The semi-permanent effects of ceramic coatings are one of their most significant advantages. However, this implies that any errors in the application are also permanent (while the ceramic coating lasts, anyway)!

It's worthwhile to look for a reputable auto detailer in your neighborhood. Only true specialists who understand the possible consequences of any mistakes should be entrusted with a task like ceramic coating your vehicle!

It is not only your hard-earned money that you are trying to protect. It is also the look of your vehicle. A botched job can sometimes leave your car looking worse than it looked before it came into the shop.

So always go for a shop that has a good reputation. Positive customer reviews and recommendations are always good signs. Even doing a little bit of research on Google, on car detailing forums, or on social networks goes a long way.

Pricing and Services

Because not all coatings are made equal, their pricing is not either. The average cost of ceramic coating a sedan-sized vehicle in decent condition might cost on average between $500 and $3000, including application fees.

There is a natural tendency to choose the lowest choice, but it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. A $500 coat will simply not last as long or produce the same high-quality finish as a $3000 treatment.

If you are looking to lower the cost even further, then we suggest you look into how to ceramic coat a car DIY-style. But with that comes other hidden costs, the lack of experience and skill, and of course, all the utilities that a shop already has sorted out while you might lack.

All those factors are considered in the 500-3000$ cost. And that is something you need to consider strongly before dismissing the prices of ceramic coatings in professional shops.

Used Products and Equipment

There is a dizzying number of ceramic items on the market, but they are divided into two major categories: consumer-based products and those that require expert installation.

Then there's the issue of quality and longevity. Although you may have read headlines claiming eight, nine, or even 10 years of lifetime, not all ceramic coatings are made equal. Some can survive for 10 years, but others can lose their effectiveness after just one year, despite expensive expert installation.

And it is not always just the ceramic coating installed. It is also the way you, as an owner, maintain a vehicle that has been ceramic coated. That type of training is something any serious car detailing shop that specializes in ceramic coatings should implement into their price plans. A happy customer is a customer that will come back. It is also a customer that will spread the good word. And that is priceless.

If you are a gun store owner and you sell an M-16 to a customer and think to yourself, "yeah, I don't care what they do with that, as long as I get my money", it is a hazard in disguise. Proper instructions and perhaps even training go a long way toward creating a positive experience not only for the customer but for others as well.

The same goes for ceramic coatings, well, for pretty much any items that require some sort of expertise with it.


Is ceramic coating a vehicle worth it?

Yes, ceramic coating offers significant benefits like enhanced paint protection, ease of cleaning, and improved gloss, making it a valuable investment for maintaining your vehicle's appearance and protection. Think of it as you placing a protector case and screen cover on a new phone. You're investing in preserving the phone's value as well as (possibly) enhancing its looks.

Is there a downside to ceramic coating?

The main downside is the cost of professional application. Additionally, it requires proper maintenance to sustain its benefits and doesn’t protect against all forms of damage, such as deep scratches.

What should I expect to pay for a ceramic coating service locally?

The cost of ceramic coating services varies widely, typically ranging from $500 to $3000 (in the USA) for a sedan-sized vehicle. The price reflects the quality of the coating, the expertise of the application, and the longevity promised by the product. Consider, however, that the prices can range drastically depending on where you live and how competetive the area is.

Can I apply ceramic coating myself, and how does it compare to professional application?

While DIY ceramic coating is possible, professional application is recommended for optimal results. Professionals provide expertise, proper equipment, and high-quality products, ensuring a polished and correctly applied coating. DIY approaches may be more budget-friendly but require significant effort, skill, and access to the necessary tools and environment.

vinyl ceramic coating

Final Thoughts - Is It Worth It To Get A Local Ceramic Coating?

Should you google "ceramic coating near me" and just go for it, or should you ceramic coat your car yourself?

In our opinion, if your budget allows it - get it for a professional application via a certified professional shop.

Why stick with a professional? Well, consider what you're getting:

  • polished car

  • ceramic coated car the correct way with a great quality product

  • no stress on how to apply it or where

  • you do not need a place or tools to do the job

  • you require no skill

If you ceramic coat your car yourself, you are forfeiting all these benefits and have to take both the labor, the cost, and the risk on yourself.

It is easy if you already have the utilities and the tools to ceramic coat a car. And if you already have the experience, all the better. But not everyone has those benefits under their feet.

If you are, however, going for the DIY route, then we suggest reading our guide on how to ceramic coat a car in 8 easy steps. Also, check out our top list of the best ceramic coatings for consumers on the market.

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