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Thank you for considering writing for We are constantly searching for enthusiastic and skilled people to offer useful, engaging, and educational content to our website.

We cover a variety of topics related to ceramic coatings, car paint protection, and car detailing. You may a better understanding of the type of content we cover by searching through our Education, and Reviews pages. It is also useful to use the search function on our website to browse for content.


Your ideas are also appreciated!

Contact email:

Write for us – Guest Post Guidelines

It would be fantastic if you could write and submit a guest article to '' for possible publication.

Thank you for your consideration!

Here are some recommendations to follow before writing and submitting your post for our approval.

Some guidelines for guest posting:

  • Include a brief statement via email in which you acknowledge yourself as the author. Make it interesting by including a link to your website and/or another link you are able to manage (e.g., to your social media account, your cornerstone content page, etc.)

  • Please write in US English.

  • While we have nothing against using AI-Tools, do ensure that your article is at least 90% human-written. We use Originality.AI to check for AI-written content. You can use the coupon Extension50 to get a one-time 50% off. If the whole article is below 90%, we will not publish it.

  • The post should include at least 700 words

  • The post should avoid self-promotion

  • You are allowed to link back to your website. Limit yourself to two links in the article.

  • We enjoy internal linking, so put at least one link to a related post on our site (you can use the Search function to find related content).

  • You may also place external links to other related, relevant, and non-competitive websites if you choose, but please limit yourself to three links.

  • Affiliate promotional links are not allowed in your guest post.

  • Your article must be unique and have never been published before. We do not want articles from other websites, even your own.

  • The article must pass plagiarism checkers.

  • The article must pass AI-detection tools.

  • Should your article be accepted, it should not appear elsewhere in the future (such as on your own blog, any social media, or another website).

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