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Is Ceramic Coating for you?

A strange question coming from us - a detailing company that promotes Ceramic Coatings in shiny bright light. Well, the reality of the situation is that we do not promote Ceramic Coating to everyone. We will not shove it down your throat just so we can make a quick buck.

We overall care to build up a good reputation that we can be proud of so customers trust us and know what they will get and what they will not get based on what we tell them.

ceramic coating worth it

And that is a huge thing that is missing from, unfortunately, some detailing companies or even Ceramic Coating manufacturers.


While those types of products are excellent and widely beneficial to both you as consumers and your vehicle, they are not all-powerful. They will not do everything, as some claim. They have their limits.


There is really no need to stretch the truth or introduce claims with no business near a Ceramic Coatings description.

black ceramic coated mercedes

With that out of the way, the question you came here for was whether Ceramic Coating is for you. Should you Ceramic Coat your car? Is Ceramic Coating worth it? All of those are valid questions. And it is not easy to answer them. The answer would depend on a lot of factors.

For example, suppose you came to us and asked us whether you should Ceramic Coat your car. In that case, we would attack you with a bunch of questions to determine whether you should or shouldn't go into this endeavor.

Questions such as:

  • How often do you wash your car?

  • How do you wash your car?

  • How long do you plan on keeping the car?

  • What do you use your vehicle for?

  • Are you using car-wash stations regularly?

  • What kind of Car Shampoo are you using?

  • Do you even care about the condition of your vehicle?

And after we have gathered all that information, we need to decide whether we, as the detailers doing the paint protection job, should be reputable professional detailers or businessmen.

paint correction before and after on a black mercedes

If some detailing companies decide to eye the greens, well, that is on them, really. We at Ceramic Coat Expert want to perform jobs only we can stand behind and be proud of. It might sound cheesy, but if you are passionate about something, you really do want to do that thing, so it makes you happy. And selling a high-end Ceramic Coating job to someone that will not benefit from that long-term wouldn't really do that, would it? Satisfied clients, happy us. That is how it works here.

There are loads of misconceptions when it comes to Ceramic Coatings about what they do.

For example:

  • Ceramic Coatings will not prevent water spots

  • Ceramic Coatings are not permanent

  • Ceramic Coatings will not prevent damage to your paint

  • Having Ceramic Coating on your car doesn't mean you never have to wash your car ever again

paint correction before and after

The last one seems a bit harsh, but some people believe all of these, and all those ideas draw some people to Ceramic Coatings, and once they learn that they are not true, they lose that will very quickly. That is why we firmly believe that education about Ceramic Coatings is vital to understand all of its benefits and what it provides for you as a consumer and for your protected vehicle.

There are people out there thinking that if they coat their cars with Ceramic, they will never have to rewash them. Or even that the paint of the vehicle cannot be damaged anymore.

If you are looking for a tougher variant of paint protection, you should look into Paint Protection Films.

As for the washing part, you will still need to wash and maintain your metallic friend. It will be just that much easier. It will get less dirty because dirt will have a much harder time sticking to the car. Even things like wind or fast driving might clean the car because the air pressure will be more substantial than the grip grime has on the coating.

Maintenance is critical for the longevity of the Ceramic Coating. Read our article if you want to properly maintain your car after being ceramic coated to get the most out of it.

ceramic coating prep work

Is ceramic coating for you: Yes or No?



Enhanced Protection: Shields car from various types of damage

High Initial Cost: More expensive than other options

Longevity: Lasts for several years with proper care

Difficult Application: Requires a clean, prepared surface and skill to apply

Improved Look: Enhances gloss and depth of car's paint

Not Fully Scratch-Proof: Can't guard against deep scratches or rock chips

Easy Cleaning: Hydrophobic nature repels water and most substances

Regular Maintenance: Still requires washing and decontamination

Scratch Resistance: Provides extra protection against minor scratches

Not Permanent: Degrades over time and requires reapplication

Chemical Resistance: Protects against contaminants that could harm paint

Weather Sensitive: Less effective in certain harsh conditions

Cost-Effective Over Time: Higher upfront cost pays off over the long run

Difficult to Remove: Removing or correcting an improperly applied coating is hard and costly

If you want to see our thoughts on all the Frequently Asked Questions about Ceramic Coatings, then you can click here.

ceramic coating explained

When not to get Ceramic Coating:

  • You do not care about how your car looks

  • You do not wash your car regularly or ever

  • You are using your car or truck as a workhorse or for offroad purposes

  • You do not like to spend money on your car

  • You do not look to keep its value over time as high as possible

You could Ceramic Coat your car regardless. But if you came to us, we would likely turn you down and introduce you to a Ceramic Coating that we can vouch for based on personal experience. We would suggest you do the coating yourself and educate yourself on how to do it properly. Not to be rude, but because doing a complete detailing treatment of your car wouldn't likely be entirely beneficial to you.

ceramic coating application

You might have seen that pesky neighbor's shiny and glossy freshly Ceramic Coated car the other day and thought to yourself how you could do the same. You come by your local vehicle detailer, and the price they give you shocks you making you back out of it instantly.

The whole idea of a Ceramic Coat on your vehicle is to protect the paint that will be underneath the Ceramic Coating. If the paintwork is not in pristine condition, it will stay that way. Ceramic Coatings do not remove swirl marks, oxidation, dirt, or grime that might be embedded in your clear coat, scratches, or rock chips. Your paint will look the same as it looks right now, plus a bit of gloss. But if you invest in the car's paint being corrected and appropriately detailed to bring out that factory look.

If you get it as close as you can to that factory look and then Ceramic Coat that car - you will be a pleased customer with a brand new-looking vehicle for years to come. Provided you maintain the coating, of course.

That is what the majority of the price tag comes from - washing, claying, compounding, polishing the paint to perfection, and only then would we Ceramic Coat the vehicle. We want to make the car 'Pop!' and for it to look amazing. We want that neighbor of yours to be jealous and wonder how your car looks so slick all of the time.

microfiber water absorbing towel

You will simply not get that result without detailing the car unless the vehicle is brand new. And to do that, you also need all the right tools and experience to perform it correctly. Experience and a lot of time. And you might think, 'Well, I can learn all that, and I can practice and get great at detailing.' Of course, you can. It really isn't that difficult. With a bit of knowledge and guidance and a few hits and misses, you could technically become a novice detailer.

But to do that, you would need to buy a severe amount of items and all that to detail your car every few years when you reapply for the Ceramic Coating. That isn't worth it, really, unless you are looking to start a business. In that case, we say, 'Go for it!' and if you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

So, to summarize...

Should you ceramic coat your car?

mud on ceramic coated car

We believe that every car should be Ceramic Coated. It is that good of a product, and there are so many benefits that come with it, provided you are using a proven and tested product. That is our opinion, but the decision comes down to yours. If you like your car to look glossy and shiny, and you like that, it is more easily cleaned and maintained. It repels water really well and things that usually would doesn't stick to your car's paint that easily. Suppose you care for your vehicle, so it looks clean and fresh. In that case, if you like to protect your car as an investment so it keeps a higher value in the future - then Ceramic Coating is for you.

If you cannot find yourself in any of those above and are still wondering if you should ceramic coat your car then read our article answering that question.

You are also welcome to check out our list of Best Ceramic Coatings 2023 to help you find one that would suit your needs the best.


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