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Review: Adams Graphene Coating (Advanced)

Ok, so today, on our hands, we have Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating. This is an upgraded version of Adam's Graphene Ceramic Coating and is, as they claim, their most advanced coating product yet.


So, is it worth getting the Advanced formula over the regular one? Well, that is very easy - they cost the same. And with Adams Graphene Coating, you get more bang for your buck!


So our suggestion is that you go for the Advanced formula every time over the standard one. The only reason we would ever go for the standard one is if the advanced version was out of stock and we were in a hurry for some reason.


We use Adam's products all the time, and we have a high opinion of that detailing company, so we naturally have high expectations. We have a review article for Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. It is not a true ceramic coating but a ceramic coating spray instead. A ceramic spray coating is closer to a sealant than it is to a ceramic coating, but it has SiO2 technology embedded into it, and it also has graphene in it, as well. You can check the review, but to summarize - it performed really well, and we are glad that we gave it a go!

This product got us quite a number of recommendations, so we are very excited to test this one out and see it in action in real-world conditions.

Just to clarify - we are not sponsored by Adam's or any other manufacturer of Paint Protection products, and we will test and review the product as it is in real-world conditions. We will follow the manufacturer's instructions during the application process, and we will prepare the surface to ensure the best finish and best adhesion possible. We are leaving an affiliate link to all our review products, but in case the product turns out to be of low quality or not as all as advertised, we leave a warning to all our readers, and the quality of the product will always be reflected in the grade we assign to it at the end of every review. So if you do not want to sit through all of this text, you can scroll down to the Average Grade and read our Final Thoughts to get a general idea of what the product is all about.

Let's see what we got, and then let's dive into everything that we need to know! Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating

Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating

Get your Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating on Amazon here:

Why is this graphene coating called 'Advanced'?

The main difference between Adam's Graphene Coating and Adam's Advanced Graphene Coating is durability or longevity. The standard formula gives you 7+ years of durability, while the advanced formula goes a step further and gives you an impressive 9+ years of longevity.

You can see that in this article as well, where we check for the longevity of various popular ceramic coatings on the market.

If you know anything about ceramic coatings, then you know that this number is simply crazy! Crazy good, or just crazy - we will find out!

Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating 50% increase in graphene resins

The other difference is that in the Advanced formula, you get 50% more of the raw active ingredient, or as we like to say, "more solids". With this one, you get around 45% of solids, while the regular one gives only 30%.

So, to sum it up, with the Advanced version, you get more durability and longevity. The solids are, in the end, what gives the coating more durability once it cures. We also feel that we need to address the issue of graphene coating, so here we go:

Are graphene coatings a hoax?

Graphene coatings, since they came out, were called many things, but mostly it was 'snake oil', or 'scam', etc. We would definitely not call them that. We would, however, emphasize that 'graphene' when it comes to ceramic coatings is a bit of a buzzword. You can always check in more detail our article about whether graphene coatings are a scam or not, but the answer is never one-dimensional. It is complicated.

In short, all graphene coatings are ceramic coatings. They have a ceramic base, but the formula is "upgraded" using graphene or graphene oxide. Does the graphene actually improve the coating itself, or would the coating be as effective without the graphene in it? That is hard to say. There is very little evidence that graphene does anything for the coating, but it also doesn't hurt it. So, 'graphene' might just be a marketing ploy to increase the visibility of the product or to increase sales. Whatever the reason - this is what people usually refer to when they say that graphene coatings are a scam. Because, in reality, there are some amazing graphene coatings out there. We've used them, and we like them a lot!

It is also probably worth mentioning that there are some pretty bad graphene coatings on the market, so just be careful!

Let's check out Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating and see what it offers!


  • Protection from weather, chemicals, and UV rays

  • Rejects dirt, and other deposits

  • 10H hardness

  • 7 to 9+ years of protection, depending on maintenance

  • Infused with patent-pending Ceramic Glow Technology

  • Ultra high gloss

  • Enhances color

  • Extremely hydrophobic

  • Extreme slickness

  • Less prone to water spotting

  • Made in the United States

Now let's go through this list to see what this product offers and give you our experiences with Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating.

Adam's Graphene Coating comes in a 2 fl oz or 60 ml glass bottle. If you see a ceramic coating in a glass bottle, that is a good thing. What seems uncommon is that 60ml packaging, since most other ceramic coatings come in a 30ml bottle instead. And you can usually buy a bigger package of those coatings, and those come in a 50ml bottle.

So, the 60ml stands out straight away. This, however, doesn't mean that you get much more product for your money than you usually would, because contrary to regular ceramic coating, you use more product in the installation process. A 60ml bottle will be enough to cover a whole large-sized truck, including the wheels.

As with almost all graphene coatings, the liquid in the bottle is black. This, however, will not affect the color of the car. It will actually enrich the way a color looks. So it is completely safe to use a graphene coating on a white-colored car.

This graphene ceramic coating promises a 10H hardness level. You can learn all about what 9H and 10H mean when it comes to ceramic coatings here. 10H is good since most other ceramic coatings have a hardness rating of 9H. It is nothing game-changing, but it will save you a few scratches along the way.

Let us talk about the 7 to 9+ years of durability. That is a lot! Most ceramic coatings, that aren't professional grade give you 2-5 years of durability. And that heavily depends on the level of maintenance that you put into your car. So having even 7 years is amazing, but 9+ years is just too much ( in a good way ).

If we get even half of that, we'd be thrilled!

Their Glow Technology is very unique, and we haven't seen something similar on other ceramic coatings. Way to go Adam's! What it does is once you apply the coating and shine UV light towards it, it'll glow bright blue. This way, you can easily keep track of which areas you've covered and which you still have to do. It is a handy feature, we cannot lie, but is it really necessary? Well, no, not really. We would say that this is a great plus, and if you feel like you need extra guidance - it is there.

The only thing that we can think of where it would shine ( no pun intended ) is if a novice is applying the ceramic coating for the first time. They can then use this feature to check if they've ceramic-coated the whole panel that they're currently working on or to see if they perhaps missed a spot.

Ultra-high gloss is a staple in the ceramic coating industry. While there are some ceramic coatings that work well with a matte or a sating finish, ceramic coatings usually give a car an almost candy-like gloss—some more than others. Adam's Graphene is definitely in the upper echelon of this category. The gloss it gives is amazing. Your car will look as if it was freshly polished and better for years.

Does Adam's Advanced Graphene Coating enhance the color of the car? The answer is yes. But it depends on the base color of your car. A red car will not look the same, for example, as a lime orange car after it is coated. The best description would be that the color would kind of pop!

Benefits of Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating

We found that this coating has great hydrophobic properties, but on flatter surfaces, such as the hood or the roof, we were often met with countless small water beads. A simple drive around the block, a leaf blower, or an air compressor solved that issue in seconds. But it's something to take note of because all water beads that are left to evaporate on the surface of the car are potential water spots.

To solve the issue of water spots, graphene coatings promise a superior sliding angle, that sheets the water off the vehicle in seconds, leaving no water beads behind it. If any water beads are left, it is a minuscule number to what we usually encounter. We have seen some coatings do that, but Adam's Advanced Graphene Coating is not one of them. It is stated that this coating provides a superior sliding angle of 110-118 degrees which is at the top in the car detailing industry, but we, unfortunately, haven't seen those numbers in action.

It is good and consistent, just not the best.

And the best thing about it - It is made in the USA. That one has to count for something!

How to apply Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating?

First, as always - read the instructions!

When ceramic coating a car, you want your car clean and rid of contaminants that might be embedded in the paint's clear coat.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, you can click here to learn how to properly prepare the paint of your car for ceramic coating and other forms of paint protection.

The car is now fully prepared to be ceramic coated, meaning there is nothing left on the car's paint that might interfere with the bonding process of the coating with the paint. This means the car's surface is completely clean and dry, and all oils, grease, or polishing residue has been properly removed.

Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating pro grade coating

With all coatings, but especially graphene coatings, it is recommended to shake the bottle well before each usage. This way, you ensure no deposits are left on the bottom of the container that might have settled if the product wasn't used for a longer time period.

Map the car into smaller working areas. The best and easiest approach is to work panel-by-panel. This way, you always know the area you are working on, and you also know what is left.

A great thing about Adam's Advanced Graphene Coating is that it can be applied to all surfaces of the car. So glass, any plastic trim, or even wheels are on the menu. Just do not try coating rusty steelies. This is super handy because you do not have to be careful. You just start applying the coating to the whole car - Easy!

Put on some latex (disposable) gloves! Two reasons why:

  • You do not want the oils from your hands to contaminate the surface of the car.

  • You do not want the coating hardening on your skin.

Take your applicator block that came with the product. A neat thing about them is that they are already prewrapped with a piece of suede cloth. What is also beneficial is that the suede will not absorb so much of the product, but will instead keep it on the surface. This ensures maximum efficiency when covering the vehicle.

If you, for some reason, don't have Adam's applicator block, then use a regular applicator block with a suede or microfiber cloth wrapped around it.

Shake the coating bottle, open it, and put a decent amount of liquid along the whole length of the cloth. You want it saturated. It will look black, and that is a common occurrence with graphene coatings. Don't worry; that will not darken the color of your car.

Make sure to put the cap back on once you've applied the product onto the applicator block! Even though the bottleneck was designed to not let air in, some still might come in, and that will automatically start the curing process. You don't want any crystalization on the top or for it to cure. Once the liquid inside the bottle cures, it will be like having a piece of glass inside the bottle.

Then, proceed to apply the coating onto the car's surface in a cross-hatch pattern. Make sure you cover the whole panel. As soon as the graphene coating touches the car, you will see the color change immediately, looking rich.

Also, as opposed to regular ceramic coatings, where you sometimes have to wait a minute for it to start rainbowing, with this product, you'll notice it starting to rainbow almost immediately.

If you notice the application starting to get dry a little bit, then just add more product onto the applicator block.

Use the same strategy to cover the whole car.

Once the rainbowing effect starts to dissipate, that is your cue to start leveling the coating and then buffing it. You need 2 suede or microfiber towels for this. One is used to level the coating, ensuring no high spots are left, and any excess is removed. The other towel will then be used to buff the coating and pull the surface oils with it.

We've noticed that the coating feels quite tacky and grabby and is a bit harder to buff off than other coatings. This is normal with graphene coatings.

What are the benefits of having Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating on your car?

Your car will be much easier to clean and maintain. It will get dirty much less. It will slow the oxidation on all the surfaces of your car. This means the color of your car will not fade as fast, the clearcoat will not deteriorate and start cracking and peeling as fast. The plastic trim will not become dull and faded as fast as it normally would. The headlights of your car will not become yellow as fast. The benefits are amazing for the exterior looks, longevity, and value of your vehicle.

How many layers of Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating should you apply?

Just the one. Stacking multiple layers of this product won't make it last any longer. One properly applied layer of this graphene coating will last you 9+ years.

Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating very hydrophobic

Our verdict on this product:

  • product lifetime when applied: A+

  • resistance to elements: A

  • resistance to damage: A

  • resistance to chemicals: A

  • application difficulty: C

  • hydrophobic properties: B

  • gloss / shine: A

Average grade: A

Cost: 56.52$ / 1 fl oz

1.88$ / 1 ml


How long does Adam's graphene coating last?

Adam's Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating can last up to 9+ years with proper maintenance, offering long-term protection and durability.

Is graphene coating good quality?

Yes, graphene coating is generally high quality, providing enhanced durability, hydrophobic properties, and UV protection compared to some traditional coatings. It's known for its high gloss finish and extended longevity.

What are the disadvantages of graphene coating?

The disadvantages include a higher cost, the complexity of application (best done by professionals or experienced individuals), and potential inconsistency in quality among different brands. It may also be harder to remove or repair than other coatings.

Who makes graphene coating?

Various manufacturers produce graphene coating, with Adam's Polishes being one of the well-known brands in the industry. Other notable companies also offer graphene products, each with their unique formulations.

Final thoughts on Adams Graphene Coating

Is this the best coating we've used to this day? That is not an easy question to answer. And that answer holds its own weight considering all the ceramic and graphene coatings we've tried over the years. But, it is the first coating to receive an average grade of A. And that is amazing!

Adam's has definitely created something that we can recommend without any thought. It is hard to confirm whether it will last the 9+ years, but during the testing, we gave it a beating with fast driving through rough terrain and smashed all kinds of chemicals on it. It lost none of its properties and remained consistent throughout the full two weeks.

You can learn all about how we at Ceramic Coat Expert test and review products in this article.

Even though you'll pay a bit more for this coating, you will have your money well spent since it will keep your car looking fresh and protected for years to come. And that alone is worth your money!

Compared to other graphene coatings in their lineup, it is simply superior:

Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating VS Adams Graphene Ceramic Coating Vs Adams Graphene Spray Coating

Considering both the regular and the advanced versions have almost the same price point ( depending on when and where you buy them ), there is absolutely no reason why you should not go with the Advanced formula.

Adam's - great job on creating an amazing product! It has some flaws, but in some categories, this is a step up and a milestone for other car coatings to reach.

Get your Adams Advanced Graphene Ceramic Coating on Amazon here:




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