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How Long Does Ceramic Coating Last?

Coating your car with ceramic coating is probably one of the best decisions you can make for your car's paint protection.

blue ceramic coated bmw

Before getting it done, one question comes to everyone's mind - How long does ceramic coating last?


The answer depends largely upon the type of car owner you are. Obviously, the more you take care of your car, the more its coating will last.


buffing black car with a microfiber towel

If you are looking for one straight answer, a ceramic coating can easily last up to two to three years.

Most ceramic coatings last 2-5 years, but that number is greatly affected by the way you maintain that coating.

You can read our detailed comparison of some of the top ceramic coating products. There we compare how long each ceramic coating will last, and you have a clear view of the difference in performance.

A ceramic coating basically protects your car's paint against many damaging elements such as corrosion, oxidation, and erosion. Furthermore, it decreases expensive car paint correction costs.

The paintwork of the car is positioned on top of sheet metal, and it consists of three layers. The first layer of the paintwork, the layer that sits directly on the metal, is primer. The second layer is the base color, the layer that gives the car its color. The third and final layer of the car's paintwork is the clear coat. This layer is the thickest of the three, and it is the layer that gives the paintwork its gloss and protects the second layer from oxidation. Even though clearcoat has UV-protecting properties, it still wears down over time due to damage of all sorts.

To assist the clearcoat and help protect the whole paintwork, it is essential to place the fourth layer on top - paint protection. And our choice and recommendation of paint protection is ceramic coating.

Many car owners experience their car's paint fading after a few years of vehicle purchase. Once the color starts fading, your car value starts to go down.

If you do not take care of that issue right away, the oxidation in the clearcoat will become so bad that the whole clear coat layer will start to disintegrate, and even the color layer of the paint will start to crack.

Once that happens, there is usually almost nothing you can do except repaint the panel in question.

The best way to halt your car's paint from fading is to get a ceramic coating on it.

How Durable Is The Ceramic Coating?

Various factors decide how long a ceramic coating will last:

  • The quality of the coat and preparation before application on a vehicle

  • How often is your car used

  • The road condition on which you usually drive your vehicle. Tar from the road, gravel amount, and potholes significantly affect ceramic coat's longevity

  • The weather condition of your area

  • How often do you get your vehicle cleaned or washed, and what chemicals do you use for it

  • How protected is your vehicle when parked; is it in a garage or out in the open

  • Involvement of vehicle in an accident or you changed the color

Here you can learn more about how we test ceramic coatings and which categories we score. This way, you will get a clear understanding of how a ceramic coating works and all the ways that it can be damaged.

green ceramic coated old car

Based on these factors, we can easily say that a ceramic coat will be good enough to protect your car for three years on average from the day of application.

This time can be greatly extended if you take into consideration the things noted above. It can also be decreased if you simply do not care for your car.

That is one common misconception that people have when it comes to ceramic coatings. Customers tend to believe that once a car has been ceramic coated, especially if it was a top-quality product, they do not have to wash their car anymore or that the paint cannot be damaged at all.

Also, by using cheap car shampoos or by visiting a car wash often ( since they tend to use the cheapest car shampoo to decrease expenses ), you will be hitting the ceramic coating with strong acidic or alkaline products that can damage the coating depending on the quality of the coating, of course.

grey ceramic coated mercedes

Keeping all those factors in mind, once you've coated your car with a ceramic coating, you can be free of the stress of car damage due to most of the environmental factors for a very long time.




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