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Review: Adams Graphene Spray Coating

Ceramic Coat Silica Sprays are popping out from everywhere, it would seem. All the big brands manufactured at least one of these to keep up with the competition, but it would seem that Adam's also took it one step further! We are looking at Adams Graphene Spray Coating.


Graphene Coating and in Spray form as well! A unicorn, it would seem.

Now, is it all talk and nothing to back up those words, or does it actually work?

Also, what does that UV ( ultraviolet ), in the product's description, mean exactly for Ceramic Coating?

Let us find out together!


Just to clarify - we are not sponsored by Adam's or any other manufacturer of Paint Protection products, and we will test and review the product as it is in real-world conditions. We will follow the manufacturer's instructions during the application process, and we will prepare the surface to ensure the best finish and best adhesion possible. We are leaving an affiliate link to all our review products, but in case the product turns out to be of low quality or not as all as advertised, we leave a warning to all our readers, and the quality of the product will always be reflected in the grade we assign to it at the end of every review. So if you do not want to sit through all of this text, you can scroll down to the Average Grade and read our Final Thoughts to get a general idea of what the product is all about.

Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating

Get your Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating on Amazon here:

First of all, what is Graphene Coating? Is Graphene Coating better than Ceramic Coating? Is Graphene Coating the same as standard Ceramic coating? Whatever question might dwell in that mind of yours, we have an answer.

You can learn everything you need to know about Graphene Coatings by clicking here. We made a detailed explanation of how Graphene Coatings work exactly.

The short answer is - it is a Graphene infused Ceramic Coating Spray. And the graphene part does little to nothing to the overall performance of the coating itself, and in some cases, it may even hurt its quality. The reason why is explained in the blog post mentioned above.

So if Graphene Coatings are a scam, does that mean this product is bad? Absolutely not. Adam's Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating might be bad, but then again, it may be the best product you have ever used. The reason for that is that this product is still Ceramic Coating. So if the Ceramic Coating part of this product is good, then it just might perform really well. We will test it!

Let us see some claims and properties that this product promises:

  • bottle size 12 Oz

  • first legitimate spray graphene coating

  • ceramic glow technology

  • can be used on all surfaces

  • easy application

  • at least 12 months of durability

  • made in the USA

Well, we have a lot of big words here and a seemingly new technology as well hiding in there. We could speculate about what something is or how something should or might work, but to be honest - the best thing is to just test it out in real-world conditions and just simply see it for ourselves.

We will follow the manufacturer's instructions for product application, as you always should. Some products might be in the same category as other products that you have used in the past but could have a completely different application method that will define how well the product will perform. So to be sure and to ensure maximum performance, we will always use a product by the book.

Ok, so before we do anything, we need to prepare the car's surface. To learn what this process looks like and learn all the juicy tips and tricks click here.

Adams Graphene Spray Coating

Once the car's surface is clean and ready to be coated, we will need a microfiber applicator or a folded-down microfiber towel if you do not have an applicator, and spray Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating onto the applicator and you are ready for application. Section the vehicle into smaller parts beforehand, so you have an easier time applying the product, and so you do not miss a spot accidentally. Apply the product onto the working area, ensuring full coverage.

Apply the product only, do not buff it. You want to apply the product and let it dry, so to speak. Once the area you are working on has been fully covered, you need to let it sit for about 2 minutes until it reaches its flashing time. At that point, you will need to buff that area with a clean and dry microfiber towel. Never use the same application towel for buffing purposes.

If you are unsure whether the product is ready to be buffed, then just look at it under light to see if it has gotten rainbow colors on it. That means it has reached its flashing point, and it needs to be buffed off.

Note that the 2 minutes of waiting time will give you enough leverage to cover a whole panel, if not even a whole side of a car. Just keep in mind that once the 2 minutes are up that you need to stop with the application. Remember where you have finished. And start buffing the product to a nice deep shine. Only when you have finished buffing all the areas you have already covered can you continue with the application. If you are a beginner, best to take your time and work on one panel at a time (e.g., hood, door ) until you get the hang of it.

Only one coat of his product is needed per instructions, but for testing purposes, we will be applying two layers on half of the hood panel to compare the difference later. We will apply the 2nd layer after about 30 minutes.

Once you have coated the whole vehicle with Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating, you are required to wait for 4 hours until the coating cures and is ready to be tested. It is advisable not to use the vehicle for that duration to ensure the coating has formed a hard and click surface everywhere, and introducing water or foreign particles such as dirt or dust might damage the coating before the curing has completed.

The application process was straightforward and easy to do with a little bit of planning beforehand. It was also very easy to buff off, meaning - less elbow grease was needed to complete the task successfully. That is always a big plus!

Time to explain the 'UV' in this product's name!

Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating contains the Glow technology that will seemingly be patented by Adam's that allows you to use UV light to make the coated areas glow. This way, you can ensure that every area is fully covered because, for inexperienced or unprepared users, it is not uncommon that parts of the vehicle get skipped or missed or even that a panel isn't fully covered (e.g., edges, corners ).

It is an interesting approach to solving that problem. But is that problem big enough that you will need to invest in a UV light source, most commonly a UV lamp? Well, to be honest, we think not. It is a nice feature if you have a UV light source already. But if you don't, we suggest you just simply section the car into parts and do the car panel by panel to ensure everything has been covered as it is with other paint protection products.

Nice, but unnecessary.

How did Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating perform?

So, after application, we left the car in the garage overnight. So it got plenty of time to cure.

The car looked as when we finished buffing. IT was still under the same light in the garage, and you could tell that it looked shinier and glossier than it was before application and after preparation. IT was already off to a good start, so let us see what we had in mind to test its durability.

The plan now was that for the next 2 weeks, the vehicle would be parked outside in the sun, and it will be washed about 10 times using regular car shampoo that most people would use at home or the kind that you would most commonly encounter in DIY car washes or automatic car washes. We would also drive the car every day in town and do some light offroad driving to accumulate enough dirt and dust. Rain was also promised during the week, so let us hope for that as well. If not, we will try to simulate those conditions by using tap water and letting it evaporate in the sun to see how the coating handles water spots.

The first wash happened that day to see if it would affect the coating at all. Many products would start to fail already at this stage, so it is a quick and easy test to perform. We used the regular diluted car shampoo as you would in any DIY application and used microfiber mitts to agitate the coating, and used the two-bucket method to rinse and clean the microfiber gloves.

We didn't want to use a foam cannon because we wanted to see how to coating would perform in real-world conditions. Then we rinsed it with a pressure washer using just water. The water beaded off very quickly, leaving the car clean yet covered with water droplets that were trapped on the surface of the car in some places due to its hydrophobic properties. We used an air compressor to blow them off the vehicle. There weren't many, so you could have done it with a hairdryer or a leafblower easily.

Adam’s Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray

The first test was a success. Over the next two weeks, we washed the car nine more times. On some occasions, it was dusty. And it rained once, leaving the car with dried up dusty trails allower the car. Each time we've used the same method of washing. After the 7th wash, we noticed some drop in its effectiveness but saying that, it still performed amazingly. It started sheeting water in some areas after its final wash, but after a couple of seconds, the affected area was dry again.

We certainly were surprised by how well this product has performed, considering the marketing and the claims. It definitely performed very well and was among the best Spray-On Ceramic Coating Products we have used.

Our verdict on this product:

  • product life time when applied: C

  • resistance to elements: D

  • resistance to damage: E

  • resistance to chemicals: C

  • application difficulty: A

  • hydrophobic properties: B

  • gloss / shine: B

Average grade: C

Cost: 2.37$ / 1 fl oz

0.08$ / 1 ml

Final thoughts on Adams Graphene Spray Coating?

This product started off with wild claims that each other product is fake, and this one isn't leading us to believe that this will be one of "those" products. Well, we were certainly surprised, as this product performed very well, considering it is a Ceramic Spray Coating.

Now unless they have made amazing leaps in scientific discovery and have found a way to get a hexagonal structure of graphene atoms once the product is applied onto a vehicle, the graphene likely does nothing to the overall performance of the coating. Otherwise, you would probably start hearing about Adam's name next to Tesla or Amazon.

The graphene does give the liquid its dark, blackish color, but once applied, it really is only transparent. So it is safe to be used on any color of your paintwork, even white. Some scientists say that graphene might be reducing the temperature of the surface of the vehicle.

We have tested this using an infrared temperature measurement tool, and we saw no difference in temperature on this vehicle or other with the same color. But if it did, that would mean it would block more of the UV radiation that we get from sunlight delaying the decay time of the car's paint and other coated materials. That would certainly be an amazing benefit. So who knows, we might see a Graphene Coating in the future that does exactly that.

To be fair to Adam’s UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating, this product does not promote any temperature reduction, but we had to be sure.

In the meantime, if you are looking for a Ceramic or Graphene Coating that is very easy to work with and isn't ridiculously expensive, then you have found what you were looking for in this product right here!

Get your Adam’s Graphene Spray Coating on Amazon here:



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