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Can you apply wax on top of ceramic coating - Detailed Answer

Ceramic coating is one of the best paint protection methods to keep your car's clear coat safe from various harmful elements such as UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, and more. But in the last few months, we've received multiple questions such as "Are you allowed to put wax on top of ceramic coating? , and general questions related to waxing ceramic-coated vehicles.

applying car wax

Which is why we decided to write this article.


We've already briefly answered this question in our FAQ article, but in this article, we'll try to expand on that and give a little more meat to the bone if that makes sense.


Today, we'll discuss whether you can or can't apply waxes over ceramic coatings. As you probably know, only natural car waxes can provide that unbeatable shine of the car, but it lacks some protection properties when compared to ceramic coatings, and that's the biggest reason why people think of doing it.


Can You Apply Wax on Ceramic Coating?

We will go straight to the point - you can apply car waxes over ceramic coatings. You don't have to be worried about damaging something on the car's paint if you decide to do it.

Ceramic coatings have extreme chemical protection, and when they bond to the surface, you won't break them by applying any automotive wax on top of it.

Of course, there are some positive and negative sides to applying waxes over ceramic coatings, and we'll come to that as well.

The only thing you should make sure of is to avoid applying car waxes over freshly applied ceramic coating. Make sure to wait at least 72 hours, or even better, 7 days before waxing a ceramic-coated car.

The Types of Waxes You Can Use

There are two main types of car waxes: natural and synthetic. You can apply both of these types worry-free. Natural waxes are made from carnauba wax, while artificial waxes are a mixture of carnauba waxes and synthetic polymers.

The other classification of automotive waxes is based on the form they come in. We have paste, liquid, and spray waxes. And even though you can apply all of them over ceramic coatings, liquid, and spray waxes will be much easier for you to use.

Our personal favorite liquid wax is Collinite 845 Insulator Wax, and if you don't have your favorite, we suggest you try this one out.

3 Main Benefits of Applying Wax on Top of Ceramic Coating

There are a few more benefits aside from these three that we'll mention, but these are the most important ones.

1. Shine

The first benefit is that you'll greatly improve the shine of your car by applying automotive wax (an especially natural one) on top of ceramic coating. Nothing can compare to natural waxes when we talk about paint's deep shine and gloss.

2. Another Protective Layer

By applying an extra layer of wax on top of ceramic coatings, you'll get another layer of protection for your car's paint. This way, the wax will protect the ceramic coating, and the ceramic coating will mostly stay untouched so that it can protect the car's clear coat.

3. Increased Ceramic Coating Longevity

The third benefit is that by applying waxes over ceramic coatings, you'll extend the ceramic's longevity a lot. Even though ceramic coating manufacturers claim that their coatings can last 3, 5, 7, or even 9 years, it's only possible with proper maintenance. Waxes can be a great way to maintain ceramic coating and make it last much longer.

Negative Sides of Applying Waxes on Top of Ceramic Coatings

Not all is "milk and honey". There are some negative sides as well. Some of you may agree with us or not, but these are objective reasons why one shouldn't apply car waxes on top of ceramic-coated cars.

Ceramic coatings have fantastic hydrophobic properties, and by applying waxes over them, you'll reduce those properties a lot. The best way to check it out is by pouring water over a waxed car and a ceramic-coated car. The waxed one won't have as many beads as a ceramic-coated car.

Even though this disadvantage may be subjective to some people, car waxes are hard to apply over ceramic coating if we compare them to some better alternatives.

The last disadvantage is that your car will attract more dirt and dust. Even though both waxes and ceramic coatings prevent dirt and dust from sticking to the paint, ceramic coatings are much better at doing it. And if you apply wax on top, it will be the 1st layer, meaning that more dirt will end up stuck on the paint.

Is There a Better Alternative to Waxes?

There's a much better solution if you want to put something on top of ceramic coating, and these are called ceramic boosters. Ceramic boosters are made to maintain ceramic coatings. When compared to waxes, they're much better at doing that.

applying ceramic wax

I have tried a few of them, and Adam's Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating was the easiest one to apply. Also, it's pretty cheap, even when we compare it to car waxes. Another great product is Turtle Wax Hybrid Solutions Ceramic Spray (check our review).

However, it can't offer you the same level of shine and gloss as natural car wax. So before you decide to pick it, keep that in mind.

You can check our top 10 list of ceramic spray coatings that you can buy, along with their ratings and respective reviews on how they perform in the real world.


What are the benefits of a ceramic coating if it doesn't require wax?

Ceramic coatings provide enhanced protection, a high gloss finish, and hydrophobic properties, making the vehicle easier to clean.

How do you maintain a ceramic-coated vehicle?

Wash regularly with pH-neutral car shampoo and avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive tools. Use ceramic-specific boost sprays or sealants for upkeep.

Can applying wax over ceramic coating cause any damage?

No, it won't damage the paint, but it can diminish the ceramic coating's performance and hydrophobic properties.

Final Thoughts - To Wax, or Not to Wax on Ceramic Coating?

Now you know that applying waxes on top of ceramic coatings is completely doable, but you also know that there's a better alternative to it.

So, here's our recommendation for you:

  • Apply car waxes if you want to get the best shine for your car

  • Apply ceramic spray coatings/boosters if you want to maintain the ceramic coating

buffing car wax

We also recommend you check out our other articles on similar topics to expand on your newfound knowledge. For easier navigation, you can use our search box at the top of the page. Cheers!



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