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Review: Nexgen Ceramic Spray

When it comes to Ceramic Coating Sprays, such as the one we have on the testing table today - Nexgen Ceramic Spray - it's reasonable to assume that the product won't be as strong as a true Ceramic Coating.

This isn't because they're knockoffs or because they're less expensive; it's because they were designed to be used quickly and readily with little to no preparation or training. All you actually need is a clean automobile, and we recommend decontaminating the surface of the car by claying, compounding, and polishing it.


Even while Ceramic Spray Coating may not stay as long as their liquid counterparts, or big brothers, they will generally last for a reasonable period of time. If properly maintained, it can last up to a year.


That's not terrible for a quick and easy application, especially given the product's price!

A Spray Ceramic Coating will very certainly surpass a Car Wax or a Polymer Sealant of comparable grade, and it applies in a similar manner.


Just to clarify - we are not sponsored by Nexgen or any other manufacturer of Paint Protection products, and we will test and review the product as it is in real-world conditions. We will follow the manufacturer's instructions during the application process and we will prepare the surface to ensure the best finish and best adhesion possible. We are leaving an affiliate link to all our review products but in case the product turns out to be of low quality or not as all as advertised, we leave a warning to all our readers, and the quality of the product will always be reflected in the grade we assign to it at the end of every review. So if you do not want to sit through all of this text, you can scroll down to the Average Grade and read our Final Thoughts to get a general idea of what the product is all about.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray

Get your Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating on Amazon here:

We were asked a number of times as to why we leave Amazon links for our readers in case they want to purchase the product instead of leaving a direct link to the supplier in question. The simple reasons are availability and logistics.

What that means is that we have readers from all around the globe ( no offense to any flat-earthers ) and delivery of certain products anywhere in the world oftentimes comes up as a major issue.

See, most of the high-end detailing products are made in the USA. There are some that are amazing and are not American-produced but again the same problem tends to show up - they do not deliver worldwide. Or the cost of delivery is simply ridiculous. And while you might say "Yeah, I'm from the US, I do not care.", there are simply a lot of people that do not have that courtesy and have no realistic way to get a product they might be interested in. This is why we chose Amazon because they do deliver worldwide and the pricing doesn't skyrocket if you choose to purchase from a more secluded location, should that be the case.

And that is pretty much the whole reason. Let us continue onto Nexgen Ceramic Coating!


Nexgen has been in business for about two decades, and its product range has proven to be quite outstanding. You'll have a 16-ounce spray bottle sent to your home if you buy this one. It will include what we think to be one of the best Ceramic Spray Coatings we have ever tested.

Let's look at some specs now:

  • a professional-grade sealant that protects your vehicle's surface

  • user-friendly

  • versatile ceramic spray for all vehicles

  • protects against environmental contaminants

  • enough product to coat your car up to ten times

  • produced in the USA

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Specifications

Let's take a look at each one, line by line, to understand what they all imply and what our experience was with the product.

A professional-grade sealant that protects your vehicle's surface

Nexgen premium ceramic coating spray coats your vehicle's exterior with an impenetrable layer of protection. You may substantially limit the potential of outside elements to smear, scratch, and deteriorate your clear coat and car paint by using the highest grade of Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), while also generating a mirror-like gloss.

There are a couple of issues here. Premium? We don't know, but this is one of those fancy words that companies like to slap onto a product to make it stand out, to make it seem like it is better than other similar products. So, the testing will show whether it actually is premium or not.

Second, it says impenetrable. Mighty word, but even without any testing we can straight away tell you that it is not impenetrable. That is a lie. No Ceramic Coating, no matter how high quality, is impenetrable.

They claim to be using the highest grade of Silicon Dioxide which is just a sophisticated way of saying "highest quality Ceramic Coating".

For now, we have a lot of self-praise. Now, is it a trap or will the product live up to the hype that Nexgen is leading us to believe?


Being user-friendly is always great. But to be fair - Ceramic Spray Coatings were created to simplify the application process of a ceramic coating at the cost of product performance and durability. So user-friendly is probably what you'd expect.

To the application process that they indicate, we would add another step before the three that were mentioned - and that is preparation. You want your car at least clean, dry, and degreased before application to ensure the best possible result.

Versatile ceramic spray for all vehicles

Nexgen Ceramic Coating can be applied to any surface your car may have, and that is great. This includes metal, paint, glass, plastic, rubber, vinyl, aluminum wheels, powder-coated wheels, leather, tires, chrome, and more. Definitely a big plus.

If you want a dedicated ceramic coating for leather then read our article about them here.

Protects against environmental contaminants

Nexgen Ceramic Spray is designed to repel dirt, mud, salt, snow, pollen, smog, acid rain, water spots, bird droppings, insect guts, and regular road filth off any solid exterior surface. The hydrophobic formulation forms a glass-like surface that repels water and other pollutants, preserving and prolonging the life of your car's delicate clear coat.

Well, that is pretty much what you would expect from Ceramic Coating. We would add UV protection, but they already mentioned that previously.

Enough product to coat your car up to ten times

A 16-ounce bottle contains enough product to coat a mid-size sedan 8-10 times, a large truck 6-8 times, or a motorcycle up to 20 times.

Compared to other Ceramic Spray products, those are favorable numbers that work well in the consumers' favor - considering you do not pay too much for the product!

Produced in the USA

Well, this one is just there. Some may like this, and some may not, but as we have said before, most of the best products we use in the Car Detailing Industry are made in the USA, and that is just the way it is.

Nexgen Ceramic Spray Ad

How to apply Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating?

First, as always - read the instructions!

When using it, make sure your car is clean and free of impurities that might be embedded in the clear coat layer of the paint.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, you can click here to learn how to properly prepare the paint of your car for ceramic coating and paint protection in general.

Once the car's surface has been cleaned and degreased of any grease, oils, or polishing residue, all you have to do now is choose a panel and mentally split it into portions to get started.

Shake the container and spray once per working area (e.g., 2-3 sprays per hood of a regular-sized car should be enough), then buff the liquid into the paint with a clean microfiber cloth. Allow a minute for it to dry before buffing it off with another microfiber cloth.

Here is a video uploaded by Nexgen directly that explains what to avoid during the application process when handling their product.

Make sure both towels are dry and clean before using them. Use one to apply the coating and the other to rub it off after it's dry. If the buffer towel becomes wet, replace it with a dry, clean one. Buff it to a lustrous sheen. There should be no streaking!

If there is any streaking, moisten the area with the applicator cloth (or spray the area again) and continue the process. All streaking should be gone now. That's all there is to it. Work on the entire car's surface in the same way. Also, while buffing off the coating from rough plastic panels, use particular measures. If there is any haziness or streaking, simply use the same approach as before to correct it.

Our verdict on this product:

  • product life time when applied: D

  • resistance to elements: E

  • resistance to damage: E

  • resistance to chemicals: C

  • application difficulty: A

  • hydrophobic properties: C

  • gloss / shine: C

Average grade: C

Cost: 2.75$ / 1 fl oz

0.09$ / 1 ml

Final thoughts on Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating?

If you want to know how we torture test products for our reviews, you can follow the link and learn about all the steps we go through to ensure a fair and realistic, and unbiased result for each product tested.

Honestly, this one surprised us a bit. We've heard so much about it from other people and naturally, our interest and expectations were perhaps a bit high. Another thing that was also high was the price tag. Among Ceramic Spray Coating products, this one stands close to the top of the hill. And as far as we are concerned, that is probably its only flaw.

Some of our new readers might be wondering why a product that scored this poorly is being praised at all. And that has to do with Ceramic Coating Sprays in general as opposed to their big brothers - Standard Ceramic Coatings which are of much higher quality and simply perform so much better.

Spray coatings tend to get an easy A or B in the application department because that is why they exist. But you cannot expect them to score high in other categories, and that is the trade-off you accept when opting to use one of these. They are not a scam. They are a simple way of you paying less, getting more product content, and having amazing ease of use.

We haven't used Nexgen products before. We cannot currently say anything about other products in their line, but this one, well, it is not just all show! Is it amazing? Well, no, not really. There are numerous products that we would recommend over it. But, there is a but.

The price is always hard to justify, regardless of the quantity you get. There are simply too many competitors to compare to. And some of them have truly amazing products. Nexgen Ceramic Coating is definitely not to be dismissed that easily though.

It won't function as well as a normal Ceramic Coating, but given how simple it is to apply, how little it costs, how little time it takes to cover the entire car and the fact that you don't need any prior training or expertise to use it, it's a good compromise.

If you want a more durable and long-lasting solution, read our evaluations or search through our top lists to discover a normal Ceramic Coating that fulfills your needs and expectations, but if that isn't the case, then this is the one for you.

Get your Nexgen Ceramic Spray Coating on Amazon here:



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