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Review: Ethos Resist Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray

Hello, everyone! Ethos Resist and their well-known UV Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray are on the menu today! We've had a lot of requests to test and review this product, so naturally, we are excited to see how it performs.

Before we get started, we'd want to provide a word of caution. We are not sponsored by any corporation, and we purchase all of these items on our own dime. That means, we can buy Ethos Graphene Coating Spray, and then provide you with an unbiased, honest assessment of the product's performance in the actual world.


This is critical information for you to understand since some of these things will be great. Others aren't quite as impressive.


So make sure to read the entire review of the product you're interested in since we'll break it down for you, so you know precisely what you're receiving. We'll also assign it a grade based on numerous variables, as we do with all of our evaluated items, so you can see how it stacks up against similar products.

Let's get started!


Just to clarify - we are not sponsored by Ethos, or any other manufacturer of Paint Protection products, and we will test and review the product as it is in real-world conditions. We will follow the manufacturer's instructions during the application process and we will prepare the surface to ensure the best finish and best adhesion possible. We are leaving an affiliate link to all our review products but in case the product turns out to be of low quality or not as all as advertised we leave a warning to all our readers and the quality of the product will always be reflected in the grade we assign to it at the end of every review. So if you do not want to sit through all of this text, you can scroll down to the Average Grade and read our Final Thoughts to get a general idea of what the product is all about.

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray specs

- Should you choose to go for it after reading the review -

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This one might not be the best advertised or well-known among Ceramic Spray Coating products. If you're not aware of how these Spray Ceramic Coatings, which keep popping up everywhere, differ from the traditional Ceramic Coating that you may acquire, they're basically inferior replacements to their big siblings, according to our expertise and comprehension. While they offer pricing, quantity, and ease of use, they will never perform as well as traditional Ceramic Coating. In fact, they will only give you a glimpse as to what Ceramic Coating could do for you and your car. But unfortunately, some marketers simply care only about taking money out of your pockets and would go far and wide to sell. Sometimes they even tell lies.

We know. We were shocked as well.

In most cases, ceramic coating sprays are combined with waxes or polymer sealants. They are applied and utilized in a similar manner as waxes and polymer sealants, and we can affirm that they function similarly. This one even has graphene in it, which perhaps may make it stand out a bit. The question is - 'Is it good?'.

Though some have surprised us, the majority are, as we previously stated, well-publicized and have a solid marketing campaign that may have pushed their skills a little. So that we don't have to guess, we bought a bottle of Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray and immediately put it to the test.

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray

What does Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray offer:

  • advanced 2 in 1 formula - graphene-infused ceramic spray combined into one product

  • amazing protection

  • safe for all surfaces

  • convenient to use

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • 8 and 16 Fl Oz of packaging

There is a lot to live up to. Let's see how it did when put to the test!

First and foremost, you must prepare the surface before applying any paint protection to it. If you want to learn how to do it professionally, go here and learn more. However, for the finest final effects, you should wash the automobile thoroughly, clay it, and perform paint correction and polishing.

Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray is now promoted as a waterless vehicle wash that may also be used as car polish since it contains fine abrasive elements that polish the car's surface. This helps to bring out a greater shine, and abrasives aid in eliminating debris from the car's surface that is more difficult to remove.

For two reasons, we would never advocate using such a solution for a waterless wash: it is wasteful, and it may harm the paint.

What exactly do we mean when we say that? Well, if you only use the product to give the entire vehicle a waterless shine, you'll rapidly run out of it and wind up spending much more than if you wash the car properly first and then use the product for its protective functions. We can only justify a waterless wash if you are in a hurry and washing the car is not an option, and you simply want a clean, gleaming automobile at the moment's notice. Even so, you'll run into the second issue: the paint will be damaged.

While this product was created for a waterless wash, it supports reducing dirt, filth, and grease while also providing the vehicle with a show-stopping appearance. It also contains those fine abrasives that are used for polishing.

That's all fantastic! But, for a moment, let's be honest and utilize logic if there are any hard pollutants, minerals, or particles present. While it may remove them, bear in mind that during cleaning or application, all of those minerals will tag along on the microfiber towel and behave as abrasives as well - just not as tiny or small abrasives. They'll eventually cause swirl marks or deeper scratching, which you'll have to fix, not to mention the fact that you'll be burning through not only the product but also microfiber cloths to clean the entire automobile. It is extremely inefficient, and while it does clean, we would never advocate using it to clean.

We put those assertions to the test so we wouldn't have to guess; instead, we could watch it in action. Where there were oils or grease, it worked nicely, but scratch marks appeared when cleaning tougher dirt or even dust. For all of the reasons indicated above, we strongly advise against using it for waterless washes.

It then goes on to say that it has polishing characteristics. Without even going into it, it is significantly less expensive to get a specific polishing paste and polish the required surface using a microfiber cloth or an applicator. Because it comes in varying grades depending on the damage in the paint you'll be working on; it'll almost certainly function better.

It promises to be able to cut through grease, filth, and grime. When we've used it for that reason, we've had terrific outcomes. Even though we had to use some elbow grease and spray it a couple of times in a few difficult locations. At the end of the day, even if it works, using a degreaser for the task is far less expensive.

Ethos Ceramic Spray Coating is designed to offer your automobile a high-gloss finish as well as a protective layer. It did improve the car's color, but just by a little. The polishing abrasives are likely to blame, as they did remove some swirl marks, making the surface more reflective. However, it required a lot of effort to make it work. In our opinion, a polishing compound performs considerably better, and you may use it with a polishing machine to make the process easier and faster. Unless you're an expert, it's probably also better in the end. We'll discuss the protected surface in more detail later.

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating promises to be the best hydrophobic automobile spray on the market right now. That, too, is a point on which we disagree. It did, however, create an extremely smooth surface fast and effortlessly. You basically sprayed it on, buffed it off, and voila! If you place the bottle on the area you just covered at even the smallest angle, it will slip right off. We kept looking at it since it seemed promising!

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray SiO2+Graphene

We applied the product on the whole hood of the automobile after cleaning, claying, and polishing the surface. We shook the container well, sprayed the hood, rubbed the solution into the paint, then buffed off the product with a clean and dry microfiber cloth. We recommend that you wait until it hazes off after around 15-30 seconds before buffing it. While buffing, you could feel some substantial resistance at first, and it only got exceedingly slick and slippery after a few seconds. We were ecstatic.

We covered half of the hood with another coat just to see if it made a difference.

Although it is stated that water can be used immediately on the treated surface, we gave it 24 hours as we would with any Ceramic Coating product, spray or not.

The next step was to wet the surface to observe how it performed. We wouldn't rate it first in terms of hydrophobic characteristics, but apart from that, it functioned admirably. Even though it was as smooth as ice, the water was sheeting rather than beading. However, it left very little water on the treated surface. The hood's twice-coated section seemed to function a bit better perhaps because we were able to cover 100% of the surface with Ethos Ceramic Spray Coating this way.

The next step was to use shampoo to clean the panel.

Our shop uses pH-neutral car shampoo, as most experts would, but traditional car shampoo, which is considerably more acidic due to the chemicals in it, would be much more aggressive and could have quite different effects that are not favorable to this product. Vehicle washes, whether automatic or manual, may contain typical car shampoos or even hydrofluoric acid. If you want to maintain your car's paint or make the paint protection last longer, you should use pH-balanced car shampoos.

For the job, we used pH-neutral auto shampoo and a microfiber glove to clean the surface in horizontal and then vertical motions, repeating the process once. The shampoo was then washed away with water and a power washer. The hydrophobic characteristics have already deteriorated significantly, even on the double-coated section of the hood, which worked noticeably better. We shampooed two more times, for a total of three times. Some portions of the hood still exhibited some faint hydrophobic qualities, while others operated as if they weren't coated at all.

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray ad

We tested the product on a panel that had lost most of its clearcoat owing to UV radiation from too much time in the sun. The paint was flat and worn, with no sheen at all, as one would anticipate. We applied two coats of Ethos Ceramic Spray Coating on it. The working area had developed a little glossy sheen, although it was still rather drab. However, it was extremely slippery, and the hydrophobic qualities were poorer than those obtained from prior testing on the hood of a car in good condition. That is, we believe, owing to the poor state of the paint and the numerous hills and valleys that made it difficult for the water to leave.

We weren't expecting the dull, rusted paint to become bright or glossy as it would if we applied Car Wax, but we also weren't expecting it to have little to no effect in the gloss department. That merely goes to show that the polishing effect while applying and buffing the product accounts for the majority of its advertised shine.

What have we discovered regarding Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray?

When it comes to selling a product, marketing is crucial. Without a doubt!

We found that Ethos Ceramic Spray Coating performs mediocrely when compared to similar items from other manufacturers. It comes in attractive packaging with an eye-catching orange hue in a clear container. That's quite refreshing to hear. However, it is not a long-term option for preserving the paint on your automobile.

This product is best used to clean mildly unclean surfaces of your automobile for a rapid clean, a little improved appearance, and some instant short-term hydrophobic surface and slickness. Although it is not a complete failure, the excitement around it is undeniable.

How have we decided to grade the product:

  • product life time when applied: E

  • resistance to elements: E

  • resistance to damage: E

  • resistance to chemicals: E

  • application difficulty: A

  • hydrophobic properties: E

  • gloss / shine: D

Average grade: E

Cost: 2.37$ / 1 fl oz

0.08$ / 1 ml


How long does Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray last once applied?

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray shows a significant drop in performance after just a few washes, indicating it may not offer long-term protection as effectively as other products.

Is Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray safe for all surfaces of my vehicle?

Yes, Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray is marketed as safe for all surfaces, offering a versatile solution for various parts of your vehicle.

What makes Ethos UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating unique?

Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray combines graphene-infused technology into its formula, which is claimed to provide advanced protection and a high-gloss finish, although its actual performance may vary.

Considering its performance, is Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray recommended?

Based on the review, Ethos Ceramic Coating Spray may not be recommended due to its underwhelming performance and high-cost relative to the benefits it provides, especially when compared to other ceramic sprays on the market. If you have it — use it. Will you be astonished by the result? Not likely.

Our final thoughts on Ethos UV Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating?

This product is (in our opinion) not recommended because we feel it is overpriced for what it provides and how it works. In our opinion, and based on how it performed, it's not even a good product to keep on hand in a pinch. There are ceramic sprays that perform far better, and we can't recommend this one unless none of the others are available where you live. But even then, you are probably better off skipping this one altogether.

Ethos Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray benefits

That being said, you can check our Reviews section to see how other products compare to this one, and you can check our Top Lists to see how it would rank among its competitors that you would find out in the market.

- Should you choose to go for it after reading the review -

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